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From the Beginning

Constructor Certification began in 1996 when the American Institute of Constructors established the Constructor Certification Commission.  Certification was established as a means to provide a formal verification of the skills and knowledge it takes to manage the complex and important process of construction.  Today, the Commission administers the AC and CPC Examinations twice per year to over 2,500 candidates annually.  These individuals range from Students graduating from an Accredited Construction Management Program to a veteran Project Manager or Executive with 8 more more years of experience.  The AC and CPC designations are synonymous with professionalism, high ethical standards, and high standards of practice. Over the years these designations have grown into more than just letters on behind someone's name, they are a mark of a true professional.  

What Makes Constructor Certification Different?

Our Certification Program is built on a national standard for the professional constructor, built by the professional constructor.  The Constructor Body of Knowledge encompasses the knowledge to effectively and efficiently manage the process of construction in a professional and ethical manner.  

Our Certifications are for the individual constructor, from any sector of the industry, with any range of experience and education history.  Any individual in the construction industry has a clear pathway to becoming certified through the AC or CPC programs.  Having an AC or CPC on your project team is going to provide a higher level of confidence as you know they have met a high standard by passing the AC or CPC exam.  

Certification Levels

Associate Constructor (AC) 

The AC is commonly referred too as the Level 1 Certification.  The AC is an entry level certification that requires 4 years of Qualifying Education or Experience, great for graduating Construction Management Students or someone new to the industry.  The AC Examination focuses on Construction Fundamentals like Communication; Engineer Concepts; Management Concepts; Materials, Methods and Project Modeling; Bidding and Estimating; Budgeting and Cost Control, Planning and Scheduling; Safety; Geomatics; and Project Administration.  To obtain the AC designation an individual must meet the qualifying requirements and pass a comprehensive 300 question examination.  

Certified Professional Constructor (CPC)

The CPC or Level 2 is the highest level of Constructor Certification.  To qualify an individual must have over 8 years of Qualifying Experience or Education. The average CPC has 24 years of experience management construction works.  The CPC Examination focuses on Application and Analysis of construction through the following content areas: Project Scope Development; Employment Practices; Working Relationships; Construction Start-Up and Support; Construction Resource Management; Construction Cost Control; Project Closeout; Construction Risk Management; and Ethics.  Upon qualifying, an individual must pass the comprehensive 175 question CPC examination.  

Maintaining a Certification

Once certified an individual enters into the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. The CPD Program was established to ensure all AC and CPCs maintain a high level of knowledge and professionalism.  The CPD Program ensures that our certificants remain on a track of continual professional development.

To stay current a CPC must obtain 32 CPD Credit hours by attending continuing education courses and seminars.  An AC must submit a special update form detailing their work experience to comply with the CPD Program, ACs are not required to obtain CPD Credit Hours.  These requirements are due every 2 years.  In addition, each AC and CPC must pay a yearly CPD Fee of $75, though this fee is waived if the individual joins the AIC as a Professional or Young Professional Member.  

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Upcoming Examination

The AC and CPC Examinations are given each spring and fall at exam sites across the United States.

CPC Testimonial

"TMG Construction Corporation supports the CPC and AC program because it shows support for the integrity of professional constructors. It is a barometer of a person’s skill level and commitment to our industry."

-Tanya C. Matthews, FAIC, DBIA
President, TMG Construction Corporation

History of Certification

Constructor Certification was established in 1996 as an effort to provide a professional credential for the construction professional.

Since 1996 over 24,000 individuals have taken a CPC or AC examination.