Benefits of Certification

Construction projects become more complex each year. The industry needs individuals who are ethical and professional. Constructor Certification provides the industry with third party verification of an individuals skills and knowledge that are essential in managing the complex construction of today.

Constructor Certification benefits all parties involved in the construction process.  What are the benefits?

For the Individual Constructor

  • Individuals gain third party verification of their skills as a professional.  
  • Provided with a marketable and recognized credential that increases self, client, and employee confidence.  
  • Raises the construction industry's public image as more professional and ethical than typical stereotypes.  
  • Increases an individuals confidence and pride in accomplishing certification.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Employers can use the exam as a measuring stick to gauge employees skills and knowledge based on a national standard.  
  • Provides a tangible marketing tool to clients and future employees.
  • Assures employers that employees continue to grow professionally through required professional development activities. 

Benefits to the Client

  • Provides an added layer of assurance that their project team is professional, ethical, and has met a national standard of practice. 
  • Certification can be used as a way to pre-qualify contractors by requiring their management team have a CPC or AC on the team. 
  • Peace of mind that their project is being managed effectively and efficiently by a certified professional.  

Benefits for the Construction Educator

  • Provides an examination built on a national standard on which to use as an assessment of students knowledge. 
  • Provides students access to a professional qualification credential upon passing and graduating. 
  • Provides a measuring stick for the program against the national network of AIC Exam Sites. 

Hear from Current CPCs

Get Certified

Certification is the mark of a professional.  It's for the practicing constructor, in any sector of the construction industry under any contractual relationship.  

CPC Testimonials

"The construction industry has advanced in areas where education and certification have become paramount to my success. I became a Certified Professional Constructor (#6) early in my career as my commitment to further my connectivity to the industry and AIC/CPC has done that extremely well."

-Jack Blitch, CPC
General Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering

The History of Certification

Constructor Certification was established in 1996 as an effort to provide a professional credential for the construction professional.  

Since 1996 over 24,000 individuals have taken a CPC or AC examination.