Get Certified

Ready to get certified?  Here is a quick run down of what you should know as you apply for an examination.  First, know what examination you are taking:

Upcoming Exam Dates

March 28, 2015
Register before February 20 to avoid a late fee of $25.  Registration ends March 6. 

November 7, 2015
Register before October 2 to avoid a late fee of $25.  Registration ends October 23. 

Registration Process

Registration for exams is done online.  Before registering for the CPC Exam you should have an up to date resume that will need to be uploaded with your registration.  You will also be asked to supply work experience information, this includes providing the date your work experience occurred, the company, and supervisor information - including contact information.  

Applications not fully completed will not be reviewed.  Payment is due upon submission of an exam application and is refunded if you are found not to be qualified yet for the CPC Exam.  

Learn more from current CPCs

The History of Certification

Constructor Certification was established in 1996 as an effort to provide a professional credential for the construction professional.  

Since 1996 over 24,000 individuals have taken a CPC or AC examination.  

CPC Testimonials

"Through its standards for knowledge, experience, and professional conduct, the CPC shows your construction industry colleagues and clients that you have reached a distinguished level in your career and that you practice with a high level of skill and ethical standards."

Joseph E. Kranz, CHC, CPC

The Benefits of Constructor Certification

Certification provides you with a marketable, professional credential that can help build your career.  

Certification means continual professional development, something that gives employers and clients assurance that you are always growing as a professional.