Have a question about Constructor Certification?  We may have an answer for you here.  If not, please reach out to the AIC Team at info@professionalconstructor.org.  

What are the qualifying requirements for the Associate Constructor Exam? 

  • Have graduated from or is scheduled to graduate from an accredited 4-year Construction Management Degree Program. (Individuals will earn the AC certification upon passing the exam and provided proof of graduation.) -OR-
  • Have obtained 4 years of qualifying experience or education or a combination of the two. 
What are the qualifying requirements for the Certified Professional Constructor Exam? 
  • Obtained 4 years of Qualifying Experience since earning the AC Credential and 2 Years must have been managing the execution of Construction work. -OR-
  • 8 years of Qualifying Experience and/ or Education and 2 Years must have been managing the execution of Construction work.
How many questions are on the exams and how is it administered?
The Associate Constructor (AC) exam has 300 multiple choice questions and administered via paper and pencil at university test sites. The AC exam is two 4-hour exam sessions on the same day.  The CPC Exam has 175 multiple choice questions given via computer based testing at third party exam sites. The CPC is one 4-hour exam session.  Both exams are given in the spring and fall each year.  

What are the fees associated with Certification?
Associate Constructor Exam - $165 ($155 Re-exam)
Certified Professional Constructor - $575 for AC; $675 for Non-AC; $500 Re-exam

Upon passing the exam ACs and CPCs must pay a $75 CPD Fee each year or become an AIC Member.  

What are the continuing education reporting requirements? 
CPCs must obtain 32 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every 2 years.  ACs must complete a CPD Form every 2 years, but are not required to obtain a certain number of CPD Hours. 


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Certification is the mark of a professional.  It's for the practicing constructor, in any sector of the construction industry under any contractual relationship.  

CPC Testimonials

"The construction industry has advanced in areas where education and certification have become paramount to my success. I became a Certified Professional Constructor (#6) early in my career as my commitment to further my connectivity to the industry and AIC/CPC has done that extremely well."

-Jack Blitch, CPC
General Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering

The Benefits of Constructor Certification

Certification benefits everyone involved in construction as it ensures a higher level of professional practice and ethics.  Certification provides peace of mind that your projects are managed by a professional who continues to meet a high standard through continued Professional Development.