What is a Certified Professional Constructor?

The Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) designation was created to bring formal recognition of the experience and education of an individual professional constructor.  Individuals who earn the CPC have demonstrated the knowledge essential to being a professional in our industry, are committed to a higher standard of practice, and serving our industry in an ethical manner.  Individuals who earned the CPC designation have passed a comprehensive exam developed by the industry's best.  They have shown a high level of ability and knowledge of the management of the construction process.  These individuals not only raise the level of professionalism within our industry, they give an added level of assurance to owners and the public that construction projects are being managing safely, efficiently, and ethically.  

The Associate Constructor (AC) Certification is an entry level certification that is available for those not eligible for the CPC certification.  The exam is currently used by over 60 universities nationwide, many of which require their students to take and/or pass the exam to graduate.  The AC exam is a proven way to qualify individuals entering the workforce. Students who pass the AC exam are future leaders of our industry.  They have shown exceptional knowledge by passing a comprehensive, industry tested exam.  These individuals also agree to abide by the AIC Code of Ethics, meaning they are dedicated and committed to the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.  

Benefits of Certification

Becoming certified gives you formal recognition of your experience, education, and committment to professional, ethical practice.  Employers can use certification as a method of pre-qualificiation of an individuals skills and committment to professional development.  Having a professional designation also provides individuals with a marketable credential that sets them apart.  

How can I become certified?

Individuals can become certified by qualifying for and passing a certification examination.  The AIC currently offers two levels of certification, the Associate Constructor (AC) which is commonly refered to as the Level 1 and the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) or level 2.  Examinations are held each spring and fall.  

Future Examination Dates

Spring 2014 - April 5, 2014
Fall 2014 - October 25, 2014 

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Associate Constructor (AC) Quick Links

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Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) Quick Links

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Attention!  Graduating Seniors who passed the AC Exam.

If you passed the AC exam as a senior within 12 months of graduation you are eligible to obtain the AC designation.  To do so you must submit a transcript indicating your graduation status and a signed Certificant Agreement.  This information must be submitted online here: http://www.professionalconstructor.org/ac-certificant.  You have 12 months from the notification of your passing score to submit this information.  Documents will not be accepted if they are not submitted through the form mentioned above.